Monday, 20 June 2016

my habitat is the forest

WALT:describe a new Zealand habitat and the animals that live there.

My habitat is the forest

In the forest there are lots and lots of different types of trees The kauri tree is the tallest tree in the forest and it is native to new Zealand My habitat has long sticks and short sticks. It has a lot of kiwis and bugs living on the ground and lots of possums and birds living in the trees.
Lots of photographers  like to go there to take photos.

The kiwi is a bird that is flightless. A kiwi is nocturnal. It is a small bird and it has little brown feathers . And a kiwi is endemic to New Zealand.Possums. If possums see light they will make a funny face and they will stare at the light and get hit by cars. Possums were introduced.

A pukeko is native to new Zealand. A pukeko is a tall bird it is blue,red and orange. The pukeko has long orange legs to walk through the water. Some insects live in the forest and some don’t.
Huhu get eaten by the kiwi Huhu is the Maori name for the larval stage. The Huhu bug is the largest endemic bug found in new Zealand. The kiwi lives in and likes the forest habitat because in the forest there is lots of food. There are also plenty of hiding places for the kiwi there

Possums like the forest habitat because  possums love the trees to swing on them. The trees also help the possums avoid their predators.People that own the forest would take care of the
forest if they don't take care of it they’ll kill all the bushes and trees and also the animals that live there. If you own the forest you need to take lots of care of the forest like keep pests away from the animals.

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