Friday, 2 December 2016

woodend camp

on the 15th of November the yr 5's went to woodend camp  when we got there we met a councilor called cody he took us throughh what we can and  can't go on. later, when we got free time i went on the water slide then a long while after we had dinner forn dinner we had nachos and then for dessert we had chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream then at 9:00 at night we went to bed then at 9:40 it was lights out for us 

then in the morning we had breakfast i ate toast after we had free time then we went to do our activities

pet day

                                        pet day

      Friday the 25th of November we had a pet day there were all types of pets like pugs,spaniel and cats. At 10:00 we went outside to see all the dog's

then we went to the hall to see the cats and all the other pets a little while after we left and went back to class my favorite animal over all was the pug in the tutu (: